Yoga Nidrā is a deep relaxation technique, proposing to browse in complete lucidity that journey from oblivion to self-presence. It lies in a phased approach to awareness of all processes holding the sensation of being alive. Very paradoxically, this awareness can only be imposed in a state of deep “letting go”. The practice of Yoga Nidrā consists of a range of highly codified exercises to visit the various functions that organize the human being. It relies on two fundamental approaches that are very deep conscious relaxation and penetrating concentration without tension.

Desiring to participate in the transmission and the preservation of the yogic culture, André dedicates himself to transmit authentic teachings combining ancestral knowledge with contemporary attitudes through courses, seminars, and trainings as well as accompanying groups to traditional India.


The Aspects of Nidrā Yoga

By the practices of sleep, dream, and deep sleep which induce a state of deep relaxation and a very intense state of consciousness, the Nidrā Yoga practitioner learns to penetrate his conscious, subconscious, and unconscious states with all their content (emotions, fears, doubts and patterns) in a detached way which leads to an intimate sensation of joy, peace and liberty.


The first part of the practice uses conscious thought to create a state of deep relaxation in each part of the physical body (muscles, organs, bones) and simultaneously to develop a very sharp perception of all its components. At this level of the practice, one also calms all sensory processes making their functioning more dynamic.


The second part approaches the process of thought and mental imagery. It consists of freeing energy which is accumulated and imprisoned in mental images, subconscious memories, mental and psychic patterns, and enabling this freed energy to flow. In this part of the work, one also approaches the thought process, its role, limits, activities and repercussions on one’s attitude.


In the third part, nidrā yoga approaches the origin and end ("death") of thought. Having traveled the maze of thought in the waking state, in the daydream, and in the different degrees of nocturnal dreaming (personal, collective and archetypal), this last stage consists of identifying the conscious-witness in going to the heart of deep sleep (sleep without dreams). This conscious-witness allows us to know that one has slept even though not a single memory of this phase of sleep remains.

The formal teaching of nidrā yoga finds its end there. However, at this point, it allows for a further phase of transmission developing in a natural and spontaneous way. By sudden and unexpected touches, it reveals the nature of Being in all its purity: the One and the Multiple are at the same time identical and different. What emerges is an exploration of the self and of surrender.






Par Nidrā Yoga

Andre Riehl



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NIDRĀ YOGA – Openness and Fluidity




André Riehl

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